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How it works

PIXLUM products, once understood are super easy to install and adapt as per your requirements.


To bridge the gap from a new user to creating your perfect solution. Here are a set of instructions and guidelines for the main parts supplied by Pixlum UK.

If you still have any questions then head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find answers to common questions.

What is it?

PIXLUM® is an alternative contact-based connection system that allows for easy insertion of all compatible lights anywhere on the wall or ceiling as if they were tacks, thus removing the need to revert too heavy and expensive wiring. Its strength lies in complex creations with a multitude of lighting sources, including star ceilings, lights in bunches, large scale chandeliers and other decorative applications.

How does it work?

PIXLUM® products comprise a range of electrically conductive boards that can be installed as easily as plasterboards and, once connected, can be decorated in the same way (wallpaper, paint, etc.). Once the decoration is completed, PIXLUM® lights are to be inserted by hand into the boards and light up instantly. The whole can be controlled by way of a simple switch or a dimmer.

How about safety?

PIXLUM® functions in very low voltage 12V and is consistent with the strictest of European regulations regarding fire, electrical and photobiological safety.


Download the certifications relating to our PixLum products.